Dear Editor:

In regard to the "public hearing for the North Building" held Monday, Jan. 28, in the basement of the Decorah Public Library, all of those ideas expressed may be sound. I only have second-hand information as I was on duty at Aase Haugen Homes.

To those who think the building has met the end of its useful lifespan, your idea is to tear it down. Maybe it is in the prime of its life, who knows?

To those who think the building is unsafe and a fire hazard, please just fix the sprinklers and mothball our county historic resource. Build a firewall if you must, and ask all interested parties to find the appropriate compatible reuse. The Trail from Freeport is about to be built for safety reasons, with forward thinking, connecting downtown Decorah and much more of the county by our Trails of Winneshiek. Freeport to the Fish Hatchery, to Calmar, to campus (NICC or Luther) toward Cresco and beyond.

John Logsdon referred to his lengthy conversation Sunday with Ms. Bishop at the Commission's public hearing. He and I find common ground in many ways. He said he is a guy who lives by up and down voting every few years and indeed, every week at the Monday Board of Supervisors' meeting. We both are super irritated by people who won't vote. I may live by my skills in the healthcare field, but I know we both want the best for Winneshiek County residents.

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