Dear Editor:

Although I am a person with strong opinions, I normally do not share those opinions in a public setting. But after the tragedies of Aurora and Sandy Hook, and all of the recent one-sided media blitz against guns, I find myself unable to contain it.

Recently, there were opinions expressed in this column, that while valuable to some, have to be pointed out for what they truly are, the repeating of political talking points by an uninformed population. Wake up people and let's use a shred of common sense here. While these incidents were true tragedies and probably could have been avoided, to blame any particular object is nothing but idiocy.

I have heard all the attack media's reasoning and after weighing the information and doing my own research, I have come to the conclusion, we as a country have become a large group of lemmings that will follow anyone, that makes a good speech, off a cliff.

Let me point out just a couple things, bear in mind you will need to use some common sense while ingesting this. A couple weeks back we read an opinion given by an ex-military person. While I respect him for serving our country, I need to point out, he may not have paid too close of attention while being trained. To make the statement that automatic weapons should be banned, he should have known automatic weapons are not available to the public. As well the term assault rifle is a trumped-up description used to stir up controversy. The Armalite style guns, referred to, are semi-automatic guns, meaning they only shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger, I will add, that style of firing mechanism has been around for years and years. It was the first gun I learned to shoot at 10 years old. The problem with these guns must be that they look different than the gun I used as a kid, because they don't work any different.

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