Dear Editor,

I know there is much more that Democrats and Republicans agree on than disagree. 

That includes abortion.

I know that no one of either party likes abortion.

I know that there are people in both parties who agonize over this issue.

I know that women of both parties have had abortions.

I know that Democrats and Republicans want fewer abortions.

I know that there are fewer abortions with Democratic policies.

I know that Republicans are misrepresenting Democrat’s policies on abortion.

I know that there are compelling reasons for abortions in some cases.

I know that none of us should make this serious decision for any woman.

I know that my body chose to spontaneously abort three planned pregnancies.

I know the agony any loss of a pregnancy causes.

I know that through medical knowledge with the help of religious faith a woman should make her own decision on this serious issue.

I know that Republicans are using the abortion issue to scare good people into voting against Democrats.

I know that a vote for Democrats is a vote for fewer and safer abortions.

I know why I am voting for Democrats.

Rebecca Olafsen

Rural Winneshiek County