Dear Editor:

America is an exceptional nation, and with a Constitution guaranteeing personal liberty, and a people knowledgeable and committed to protecting their freedoms, it will continue to excel over all others.

Our elected leaders, however, do not always do well, and Americans should know by now that President Obama has a different vision, and one that has failed. Here is his factual record over the last 3½ years:

· A decrease of average median income of $4,300 - we are truly not better off today.

·Over 8 percent unemployment for 43 straight months (and unlike before, he does not count the underemployed and those who stopped looking for work - real unemployment exceeds 16 percent).

· Inflation increasing - gas at $1.99 per gallon at the start of Obama's administration, $3.74 now, with Obama hostile to development of U.S. resources, vetoing new pipelines, and increasing regulation of coal, gas and oil industries, and inevitably an increased reliance on hostile foreign sources.

· One in six Americans on food stamps (47 million) - an astounding increase during the Obama administration, and 40 percent of the American population now receiving some form of program aid from the federal government.

· An increase in national debt from $10 trillion to $16 trillion (remember he promised to cut the debt in half).

· Borrowing 40 cents for every dollar the federal government spends (this is how we pay for the stimulus and other new federal programs).

· A multi-billion dollar bailout for GM and Chrysler - the two other major car makers doing equally poorly at the time, Ford and Toyota, received no taxpayer money but are now doing just as well as the government-favored and funded ones, and GM is still substantially owned by the government, and Chrysler by Fiat of Italy.

· Government-chosen and funded companies going out of business at the taxpayer expense (Solyndra and other friends of the administration).

· One-seventh of the U.S. economy nationalized (Obama health care).

· U.S. jobs going overseas fleeing one of the highest corporate taxes in the world, and Obama wonders why this happens.

Now, Obama has a record he can run on.

The above are just facts; the real issue in this campaign is one of ideology. Those facts are the inevitable result of a government trying to alter and control a free economic system. Our government has done exceptionally well in the execution of the basic functions of government and those contemplated by the Constitution: protection from enemies foreign and domestic, establishment of a democratic system of laws and law enforcement, ensuring the benefits of interstate commerce and the delivery of necessary public services like roads and waterways. 

But when the government starts to believe that public servants can better allocate and utilize the resources of this country - better than individuals free to choose among their own likes and dislikes - it fails. Not one country has ever succeeded in that ideological path, and that path leads to the exact results that Obama has received.

Obama's record shows a desire to substitute the highly successful system of maximizing profit seeking with a system where one can get ahead by the oldest of political systems: central government control and maximizing political power, patronage and influence.

His system works - for those in power who benefit by making you dependent, and for those who personally receive benefits by government taxing and regulating others. Again as before, his four-year experiment in hoping that going backward to that old, failed ideology has not worked. The only perverse justice is that if he is re-elected, look at the mess he is going to inherit. His.