Dear Editor:

I must first preface this correspondence by stating that I have been writing letters to the editor now for over 20 years. During this time, I have come to consider Rick Fromm a close friend. Not the type that you may pal around with on the weekends for I believe us both to be very private individuals away from the public eye, but as friends in a sense that we share a very deep common belief that America is a great land filled with outstanding people who, if given the opportunity, can overcome any obstacle and achieve the ideals that our Founding Fathers manifested at the creation of our Republic.

It is also my sincere belief that we both agree that a major cause for the current turmoil in our country is not so much due to its citizens failing America but due to our leaders failing the people they are supposed to be representing. So I write this letter not as an angry foe looking to castigate someone I disagree with but as a friend offering advice to someone I hold in the greatest esteem.

The First Amendment to the Constitution guaranteed five Rights that the Founders believed essential to the preservation of the Republic. Freedom of the press was enshrined amongst these in order that it could become the watchdog for the people and their liberty against the rise of an oppressive or dysfunctional government. This is why the conduct of this paper during the past election cycle has perplexed me so much.

Mr. Fromm and I both agree that all political parties are usually identified by their most radical element, it is what sells. Contrary to popular misinformation, the Tea Party's objective, in particular the Northeast Iowa Tea Party's, is a citizenry informed about the basic ideals and principles upon which this nation was founded and flourished prior to the acidic gridlock of the modern era.

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