Dear Editor:

College: A place where one ripens the mind, expands their thoughts and beliefs, and spends thousands of dollars to get a little piece of paper that says you’re qualified for some type of job. Yes, I’m talking about college, but mainly about four year degree programs. 

Yes I know that college can be a large commitment of time, energy and funds (thank God for scholarships), and the thought of this can deter even the most devoted student. Before you reconsider, here are a few things to look for at colleges when applying as well as attending.

For one, look to see how much it’s going to cost you, then look into their scholarships and grants and find out what you would pay, more than likely a lot less than the “sticker price”

Second, look into the program that you’re going to major in. Look up professors, see what kind of research and projects they are involved in within their department. This way you’re certain you are choosing the right college with the right expertise so that you actually learn something.

Along with the academic part of searching for college, make sure to tour the campus at least once, twice is better. This way you can see more on the second time around, rather than just the big general parts about the college. Find out and tour housing to determine which is best for you, whether it be dorms right on campus or apartments nearby. 

In saying all of this, I am in no way, shape, or form discrediting trade schools and two-year institutions. For many people, taking that route often proves a much more successful career than if they were to attend a four year school, and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

Overall, I hope that future college students will be able to understand how important it is in picking the right school for them and how it can positively impact their lives forever.

Shane Sexton