Dear Editor:

 I recently read Mr. Hommen's letter about Senator Grassley's response to a question on gun control. Apparently, since he did not like the answer given, he felt the need to criticize the way the answer was given.

From the many responses I have received from Sen. Grassley to e-mails sent by myself, I assure you that he has put  a lot of thought into this issue. His early responses to me had me concerned about the way he would vote on this unconstitutional bill. I can only assume that he realized that the vast majority of his constituents did not agree with this bill.

Maybe he should have explained it better to you of how he came up with his decision, but if he did that for every question asked that meeting would have lasted into the next day.

Sen. Grassley you have made me proud to have you in Washington, D.C. voicing our opinions here in Iowa. Some of us still believe in the constitution and what it stands for.