Dear Editor,

I spent two years in the Army during the Vietnam War. I volunteered. Only a quirk of fate kept me from the jungles of Southeast Asia. One of my best friends didn’t volunteer. He was drafted. His dad was poor as a farmer on twenty acres of clay. His family had no way to buy their boy out of the war with deferments. Nor would they ever “lean on” a doctor for a fake diagnosis like many wealthy fathers did for their “entitled” sons. So my friend sucked it up, went through a few weeks of Army training and was shipped off to Vietnam where, at the age of nineteen, he was killed on a search-and-destroy mission. He was a happy kid, unselfish, friendly. This boy was no “sucker.” When I see a Trump sign in a yard or on a barn, it makes me sick to my stomach.

J.K. Hall

Rural Winneshiek County