Dear Editor:

If the Sept. 11 article on WMC and Gundersen insurance was supposed to clarify the issue, either Mr. Paczkowski and/or the Decorah newspaper need to learn how to more clearly communicate.

I, like many others, have followed this convoluted discussion for some time, and I am still unclear on what the real issues are. Does Gundersen insurance have a significantly lower rate of reimbursement for WMC services? If yes, that's a valid reason for not accepting GLHP, if no, that reason is out. Why do Decorah Clinic, Mayo Skemp or Mayo Rochester have to accept GLHP? The issue should be WMC and WMC alone.

Other insurance accepted by WMC is not accepted by Gundersen. So what? The benefits seem clear, the risks seem clouded in paranoia.

Reality check. Out of network costs for GLHP patients will be higher, it's not a question. Patients with GLHP insurance will be covered for emergency service, but will need to go to a hospital that accepts GLHP.

Example. Gundersen offers a Medicare Advantage HMO plan for the six upper counties in Northeast Iowa, and WMC is the only hospital that does not accept the plan. Are the other hospitals out of touch?

I do not have Gundersen insurance, but I sure would like a clearer justification for my county hospital refusing to accept insurance plans that could benefit residents of this county.