Dear Editor:

Letter to Senator Grassley, Feb. 23: It was a despicable lie when he called President Obama “the founder of ISIS.”

It was a racist lie when he challenged President Obama’s birth certificate claiming he’d sent investigators to Hawaii and “they’re amazed at what they’re finding.”

It was a delusional and self-serving lie when he claimed to have actually won the popular vote because over 3 million people “voted illegally.”

It was a provable lie when he said that he’d won an electoral college landslide with more votes than anybody since President Reagan.

It is a dangerous and destructive lie for him to say that the media in this country are the “enemy of the American people.”

It is the sad truth that the president of the United States is a congenital liar.

All these lies and the many more he has uttered and the lies that will surely come have been met with silence or indifference from most elected Republicans across the country - including yourself. American citizens know and deserve better.

My question for you, sir, is: Do you repudiate these lies and will you challenge lies that he will deliver in the days to come? If not, you and all your colleagues in Congress will own his lying -- lock, stock and barrel to the everlasting shame of the party of Lincoln.

Steve McCargar