Dear Editor,

Ever hear of the Iowa Communities Assurance Pool (ICAP)? It is owned and funded by roughly 800 Iowa cities, counties and other governments. ICAP was formed back in 1986 to provide affordable liability and property coverage to these governmental agencies. All of the funding for ICAP comes from taxes that governmental bodies assess and collect and send to it. The cities, counties, and other governments sent $38 million to ICAP last year. The organization elects its seven directors, one of which is our own State Rep. Michael Bergan, now up for re-election to the Iowa House.

These directors have routinely held their public meetings at various resorts in Michigan in the summer when it is hot and at various resorts in Florida when it is cold. What the heck is this? Keep in mind that all funding comes from our tax dollars that they are spending at these resorts.

From his perch in Des Moines, Mr. Bergan is quick to support legislation to limit our local governmental spending by controlling their taxing authority. Yet, when it comes to his personal ease and comfort, there is wanton disregard of any such spending control. Especially when it comes to his own use of our tax money. What is wrong with meeting in Des Moines? Why expensive out of state resorts and air fare to get there?

In spite of all of this, Mr. Bergan is currently running TV ads that say “he is one of us.” Looks like to me, he is one of “them there” politicians.

Tim O’Brien