Dear Editor:

... and Liz Rog. The letter that Liz wrote about not spraying dandelions (5/14/2015), was well-timed. I had just gotten a flyer in my mailbox from All-American Turf Beauty, and I must confess that I was sorely tempted, mainly because in my front and side yards, I don’t have grass with some dandelions, I have dandelions with some grass, and the eastern three-quarters of my little backyard is mostly Creeping Charlie, with the remainder perversely growing in obscene, weed-free luxuriance at the rate of about an inch an hour. 

I think some prankster treats that swath with growth-hormones when I’m not looking.

The thing is, my dandelions are freaking mutant dandelions (FMD). They are enormous. I’m starting to have nightmares of scenes from Invasion of the Body-Snatchers. 

Can weeds develop a “tolerance” to weed-killer, as bacteria do to antibiotics? Do I have a new breed of “super-weed”? (Dandelions, not pot – don’t get excited, all you stoners out there.) 

Maybe fertilizer is drifting onto my yard from my neighbors’, and feeding the weeds but not the grass. My neighbors with their nice lawns either hate me for endangering their lean, clean patches of green or they love me for making their lawns look totally awesome. I’m afraid to ask which. I just keep my head down.

The truth is, when it comes to yard work, I’m lazy. And a cheapskate. So chances are, I won’t give in to the temptation to go all Apocalypse Now on my weeds, but it might help me to stay strong if you (or someone) wrote another letter suggesting some non-herbicidal methods of dandelion control besides pulling them up one at a time. I tried that once for several hours, but a while later, it looked like I hadn’t done a thing.  

And please don’t tell me that “encouraging the grass to grow will choke out the weeds,” because I definitely do not want to mow my lawn seven days a week, either.

As far as the Creeping Charlie goes, I know that outside of enlisting the aid of a bulldozer or dynamite, it is a lost cause, but at least it stays low to the ground ...

Sharon DelVento