Dear Editor:

In January, we adopted a very skittish little dog named Rudy from the Humane Society. His life had not been very good in his past. My grandson and I were taking him for a walk and he broke loose. We chased him to no avail, then went and got the car and started searching and talking to people.

We called the Police Department, the Humane Society, the three radio stations and searched. That evening Dave Vasquez and his two children spotted him and called the police who contacted us. By the time we got to where they were downtown he was gone, but we were very appreciative they had called it in.

We searched all weekend and my grandson cried many tears. Many people we did not know were out searching also on their walks, cross country skiing, etc. The Humane Society got the most hits it had that weekend, and strangers were posting on Facebook. This was totally amazing to us, so many people looking for this one little, lost dog.

By Monday we had pretty much given up hope, it had been cold, he was dragging a six-foot leash, we were sure he had gotten hung up someplace. Then someone, and we don't have a name, called in a sighting on Pleasant Hill. Katie Houlihan, Larry Zahasky and Mark Traverse, all Humane Society volunteers, went out looking. Bob went to Pleasant Hill and talked to people and some carpenters said they had seen him go down in the woods but they couldn't get near him.

Bob went into the woods and they spotted each other about the same time. Rudy slowly came to Bob. He knew it was time to be found and this is who should have found him. He had lost so much weight and we feel he would not have survived another night in the cold.

I am writing this letter for two reasons: to thank the Decorah Police Department, KDEC, KPVL and KVIK, the Humane Society, friends and all of the people that looked that weekend for Rudy the runaway. I would like to remind everyone Decorah has a leash law so when you see dogs that are not your neighbor's report them to the Police Department, and especially a dog with a leash or a tie-out they have pulled loose. Their lives even become more at risk because they can get tangled and cannot get free. If a dog is found, the Police Department does work with the Humane Society and owners who love their dogs call the Police Department on a daily basis, trust me I did.

The other reminder is the Humane Society survives on donations. You may not think about it if you have lost a pet, which I did a year ago, but their leashes and collars and beds, if clean and in good condition, can be donated. They have foster homes that take these dogs in until they find a forever home. They also need cash donations and sometimes we may think I can only donate $5 or $10, trust me every dollar counts out there. There is no gift too small and they put it to good use.

I would like to remind people the Humane Society is a great place to look for a pet. Our dog may be skittish because of his previous life, and we are working on that, but he loves Bob and I to the hilt and is already very devoted.

So please consider this when you are looking for your next pet. If you are looking for a special type, let them know and they will put you on a list and keep checking their website. They and their volunteers do a great job.