Dear Editor:

The whole world watched Pyeongchang. The Olympic games are a powerful symbol of international cooperation and goodwill, while the Spirit of the games represents the possibility of peace and progress in our time. Hope like that, especially on the Korean peninsula, is something sorely needed in these dark times.

Despite the clear possibility for shared progress towards peace, President Trump and his administration seem to be doing all they can to stifle it. From disparaging other nations as shitholes, to spurning international agreements, to seeking to make nuclear war easier to wage, Trump has done all he can to trample on the international goodwill. In short, Donald Trump and his team are the antithesis of the Olympic Spirit.

As disheartening as outbursts from the president are, it is within our power to reverse the damage he has done; Congress has a wealth of options to do just that. I am calling on our members of Congress to demand the administration focus on diplomacy rather than military bluster, to oppose the nuclear agenda set forth by Trump at every dangerous turn, and to censure his derogatory rhetoric. 

Perhaps if we learned from the Olympic Spirit rather than spat on it, we would find ourselves in a much less scary world. I have family in South Korea and they want cooperation and peace. We urge talking together and letting the South take the lead.

Joann Hagen