Dear Editor,

In the forty-five months of his presidency (as I write), Donald Trump has shown that he is not the man to lead these United States.

He has most recently shown that by his unwillingness to accept the voters’ verdict if he loses the presidential election. Unlike Democrat Al Gore in 2000. Unlike Republican John McCain in 2008. Unlike any other loser of a presidential election in our history.

He has, in fact, been trying to undermine confidence in our fundamental Constitutional electoral system, claiming (without evidence) that mail-in ballots are rife with fraud.   

He dismissed the danger of COVID-19 even though (as he told famed newsman Bob Woodward last February) he knew how bad it is.

He has no health plan to replace Obamacare, which protects people with pre-existing conditions.

He ignores the knowledge and advice of public health professionals like Dr. Fauci.

He maintains that the economy is recovering, in spite of persistent record unemployment.

He values the stock market as the best marker of the health of the economy (economist Paul Krugman: “The stock market is not the economy”; it is mainly the domain of the wealthy minority).

He lies, and lies again, and again, expecting that lies repeated often enough come to be accepted as fact.

His top goal is staying in power, not serving the citizens of the United States.

George Will, a deeply conservative and respected commentator of long standing, published in the Washington Post on June 1 a column entitled “Trump Must Be Removed.”

I agree.

Harland Nelson