Dear Editor:

The mantra of the Democratic Party seems to be if they tell a lie often enough, it becomes fact. With the liberal media’s support, the sad fact is that this becomes true more often than not. This is sad for there are many out there, including some in our community, that seem to fall prey to this tactic over and over again.

The latest attack on President Trump is his proposed tax plan. Some of the less informed in our community call this a tax plan for the rich. I decided to put this to the test. Taking a family of four, two parents and two children, standard deduction, no mortgage deductions, below are the results:

$50K income - 2016 federal tax $2,256; 2017 federal tax $0.00. $75K income - 2016 federal tax $6,017; 2017 federal tax $2,920. $125K income - 2016 federal tax $15,839; 2017 federal tax $10,350.

Based on facts, the data clearly demonstrates that the Trump Tax Plan (approved by the House) clearly benefits all wage earners. Every American wins here for they can spend that extra money how they deem necessary. I would love to have an extra $200 I earned in my pocket each month as opposed to giving it to the government to spend.

The Trump tax plan also calls for corporate tax to be reduced from 35 percent to 20 percent. This is a move to keep corporations in the U.S., enticing many corporations that have moved outside the U.S. to move their operations back to U.S. soil.

Own an Apple phone? Apple saved $200 billion in profits in 2015 (why anyone pays a thousand dollars for a phone boggles my mind) by being offshore. Pfizer saved over $175 billion dollars, Google saved over $47 billion dollars. In total, there are trillions of dollars overseas that we collect zero tax dollars on for the tax rates in Ireland, Canada, Mexico are much lower than ours. We lost Maytag and over 3,000 jobs to Mexico years ago, the Trump Tax Plan puts this to an end.

Regardless of who you voted for or intend to vote for, the bottom line is the Trump Tax Plan delivers tax relief to virtually every American making less than a million dollars a year in salary. Those earning over a million a year; the simple truth is that they are taxed a bit higher in the Trump Tax Plan. I do not consider this fair but I do embrace the savings that the Trump Tax Plan delivers to every woman and man working to provide food and shelter for their loved ones.

Let’s stick to the facts please and not fall prey to the lies of indivisible and the liberal left.

Bruce Riley