Dear Editor,

Everything is connected to everything else. Something I learned way back in ecology class. Human activity connected to nature; climate connected to our health and that of the planet. Soon to become a grandparent, I’m ever more attuned to what the future of this place we call Earth will look like. I was struck by the story of avid outdoorsman, Michael Lanza, who took his family on a one-year exploration of America’s national parks, to experience these places “Before They’re Gone.” This, the title of his 2012 book, illustrates his concern about the outlook for the health of the natural world and we humans within it. His book aptly exposes the threats by global warming to vanishing glaciers in Alaska and Glacier National Park, encroaching tidewaters on coastal lands, and habitat changes leading to northward migrating pests destroying whole ecosystems in the Rockies and other normally temperate zones, to name just a few examples. Public policy must help turn the tide on the threat of ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

We must vote as if our health and lives depend on it, because they do.  President Trump has taken dozens of actions to weaken environmental protections, with eliminating greenhouse gas reduction measures, a main target.  Senator Joni Ernst voted to put a former coal industry lobbyist at the head of the EPA, and has supported big oil at the expense of Iowa farmers and the renewable fuels industry.  

I will be voting Joe Biden and Theresa Greenfield for our future.

Amy Webber