Dear Editor,

Julie and I have been friends for over 50 years; she was raised in Decorah as a “town girl,” married a farmer and became a “country girl.”  Julie has taught school to many of our children at North Winn (country) and at Waukon Schools (town).  Family has been a top priority – raising three children and now her grandchildren. 

Through her personal beliefs and through her job experiences, Julie knows many sides/concerns of issues.  She is a good listener and can make the proper decisions that benefit the citizens of Winneshiek County.  I feel very confident in Julie Askelson as a supervisor who also will do her best to work with the City of Decorah. 

Shirley Vermace has expressed her opinions on several issues that will not benefit Winneshiek County – but will benefit the City of Decorah only. These issues are:

When Decorah tried to prohibit trucks from driving through downtown Decorah – Shirley was front and center at the meeting with her little protest sign “No Trucks.”; Shirley is on the Park and Rec board, which voted 6-1 to open the Decorah pool for the 2020 season. Shirley was the one no vote. Many of the community enjoyed the pool this year. Remember that no vote; Shirley’s opinion is that no one is illegal – does this mean Shirley will move illegals into her neighborhood? Ridge Rd., Pine Crest Dr., Rosa Dr., Pine Ridge Ct., and surrounding neighborhoods - how will this affect your property values? Shirley did a great service when the Seamsters made cloth masks for the public – but even then she posted on Facebook to wash and reuse masks. Really Shirley, you just love to tell people what to do, what to think and how to do it.  

I truly believe that Luther College is fully behind Shirley’s campaign – look how that has turned out for Decorah’s City Council and Mayor – totally divided my hometown.

In closing, Julie would make a very good supervisor who would represent both the county and Decorah.  Shirley would be a very poor supervisor – I am afraid she would represent the very far left liberals. Julie Askelson is the correct vote.

Thanks for your time – wish y’all a MAGA day –

Daryl Hovden