Dear Editor,

Drought, derecho, wildfires, hurricanes. What’s going on here? 

The vast majority of climate experts say the earth is warming because of the increasing amount of carbon dioxide and other gases in our earth’s atmosphere.  That increase is a result of more burned coal, oil and gas. Human use of these fuels since the beginning of the 1800’s has led to the increased carbon dioxide level.  

Certainly, we as individuals can take action to reduce the rising greenhouse gas levels, but that is not enough.  It takes all of us through policies and laws by the companies and governments to turn the pattern around. 

President Trump and Senator Ernst have not understood this. In fact, they have done the opposite, cutting policies and rules aimed at reducing carbon dioxide levels.                                

For our grandchildren and great grandchildren, vote for Joe Biden and Theresa Greenfield.

Lyle Otte