Dear Editor:

I am writing about my concerns about the upcoming election. There are many local candidates that are well qualified for the position they are running for. My issue is that some of these local candidates are going to be hurt by the "party" vote.

Some of these candidates are only running under a party because that was their best chance at being on the ballot. If they were the same party as the incumbent, they changed to the other party to be able to run. That being said having people vote "party line" based on what is best at the national level may not be what is best for the local or state level.

Being angry at one national candidate so that you are going to punish everybody in that party is just wrong. Local guys and gals deserve a chance at office based on who they are .... not what party they are affiliated with.I guess since I am an independent it gives me a slightly less-biased view of the election. I don't have a party line and I have the luxury of judging each and every candidate based on their previous record in office.

We need people whether they are Democrats, Independents or Republicans that are qualified to hold office. We don't need somebody not qualified being elected into office just because they happen to be the "right" party in some people's views.

I encourage everybody to get out and vote and to please think twice before marking the oval for a party ballot. Read each name and make your decision based on their merit and record in office. We have a lot of qualified people in our county that deserve to be given a fair chance no matter what their party affiliation is. Thank you.