Dear Editor,

What the Dickens, Harland Nelson? I’ve seen a lot of anti-Trump screeds in this paper, but very few pro-Trump letters. I assume that’s because they are silent, not necessarily in the minority. 

Harland says Trump won’t accept the outcome like Gore did in 2000. Gore filed law suits challenging the results, losing in the Supreme Court. Trump has said he will accept the decision of the Supreme Court too. Meanwhile, the radical left promises to riot if they lose, as they did last time and regularly since. 

Harland says Trump undermines confidence in the electoral system. Democrats are changing election laws at break-neck speed, creating the very uncertainty they blame Trump for pointing out. Democrats call for changing the Constitution to eliminate the Electoral College, and to add seats to the Supreme Court. Who’s undermining?

Harland says Trump dismissed COVID-19, even though he made the early call to ban travel from China, a move criticized at the time by the same people who second-guess him now. Who dismissed what?

Harland says that Trump ignores Fauci, yet Trump let Fauci talk for weeks on end. In any case, Fauci’s not the decider for how much of the economy to wreck to avoid unknowable harm from COVID-19 – the people’s voice matters too. 

Harland cites Paul Krugman on the stock market, but Krugman wrote in 2016 that Trump’s election would “plunge the world into recession,” and the opposite happened, so what does he know? I know working class people with retirements tied to the market. They’re happy.

Harland accuses Trump of lying and lying again, yet Democrats lied for years about the overwhelming proof of “collusion,” yet the Mueller investigation found the opposite. Who’s lying? Trump is the only politician I’ve ever observed who consistently tries to achieve every major policy position he was elected on. 

Harland says George Will is a “deeply conservative and respected commentator,” yet somehow he supports the candidate of a party marching to the beat of Marxist/Anarchist “social justice” movements that hijack lofty-sounding names in the service of something entirely different. Conservative? Funny.

Trump’s unconventional diplomatic efforts pay dividends. Serbia and Kosovo have normalized economic relations and are naming a border lake for Trump. Israel and several Arabic states have established diplomatic relations.  And “Little Rocket Man” has been relatively non-threatening for years. 

Three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize later; peace is breaking out all over.   

Peter Reitan

Irvine, Calif.