Dear Editor:

An open letter to the voters of Bloomfield, Calmar, Military and Springfield townships.

I have been a Winneshiek County supervisor for the past 10 years. Generally speaking, my objectives have been, are, and always will be, to provide the safety and services needed by the 20,054 residents of Winneshiek County.

I said 10 years ago that, if I couldn't cut enough spending, acquire enough assets, or generate enough revenue to cover my salary, I wouldn't run again. Working with Wellington Place, Winneshiek County Recycling and crafting the last nine county budgets, I'm proud to report this total is approaching $6 million. As you can see, I'm several decades ahead of my plan.

Under my oversight, recycling not only negated its entire budget, but added $500,000 to the general fund and was named the best governmental recycling program in the entire state for 2012. If you have any questions about the details of how I accomplished this, call me at 563-532-9547.

I can tell you that it's hard to find the time to campaign to keep the job and do the job at the same time. I sit on the landfill board, the Wellington Place board, the Opportunity Homes board, the Festina sewer commission, Winneshiek County Development, the gaming fund disposition board, and oversee the recycling program. I'm a member of the conference committee and work with the budget for 1,100 miles of road and 400 bridges. I also represent Winneshiek County on the regions revolving fund and the new mental health redesign board.

The voters are not only electing a supervisor, but hiring one. Make no mistake about it, the voters are hiring someone to do a job. And I feel I have the experience of 10 years on that job. I am the candidate in this district that has a proven record. I don't need to tell you what I'd like to do, what I want to do, or what I would do. I can tell you what I've done, and the plan I will follow in the future.

I'd appreciate your vote on Nov. 6, and thank you for your support in the past.