Dear Editor:

Our illustrious Iowa Congress voted on several bills that greatly changed Iowa. One important question remains unasked, What was wrong with these programs that change was warranted? I have seen no answers. They provide talking points to deflect from this question, but no answer.

The two biggies this session are: The introduction of political pressure into the Judicial Nominations Commission. The Iowa Bar Association, who knows the qualifications needed from its members to be nominated for a judge position, is removed from the selection process and replaced with “unbiased” members of Congress. 

Reference a particular senator who believes judges are “striking down laws without proper constitutional justification.” All he needed to do was read the Iowa Constitution’s Article 1, sections “Rights of Person” and “Laws Uniform” to see HIS position on same sex marriage is unconstitutional.

The Amendment to the Iowa Constitution on weapons. The USA Constitution’s 2nd Amendment has endured and thrived for 228 years. It was included in the Bill of Rights to bribe the southern states to ratify the NEW Constitution by giving legality to their state militias that hunted down escaped slaves. All the Iowa amendment does is exclude the “well-regulated” part. Why?

There are more, but ask your legislator what was wrong with the current programs? Make them defend their choices. Do not accept their talking points. Look behind the curtain, but do not be surprised if ALEC is there. I worry that Iowa is heading towards Kansas.

Dave Ameling