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    Public Opinion

    published every
    Driftless Journal

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    107 East Water St.
    Decorah, IA 52101
    FAX: 563-382-5949

    Effective December 1, 2019

    1. Business Phone Number
    TELEPHONE: (563) 382-4221
    FAX : (563)382-5949

    2. Representatives
    a. Iowa Newspaper Association, 319 East 5th, Des Moines, Iowa 50309
    b. American Newspaper Representatives, Inc., 404 5th Avenue, New York, New York 10018

    3. General
    a. We reserve the right to revise our rate at any time.
    b. We reserve the right to revise or reject any advertisement which we deem objectionable either in subject matter, phraseology, or for any other reason.

    4. General Advertising Rates
    a. Public Opinion $8.00/col. in.
    b. Driftless Journal $12.00/col. in.
    c. Combination $14.00/col. in.
    d. Website - tile ad with link $45.00/month
    e. Minimum ad size 1 col. by 1.5 inch
    f. National rate for Public Opinion $10.00/col. in.
    g. National rate for Driftless Journal $15.00/col. in.

    5. Position Charges
    a. No special position is sold, but an attempt is made to follow request.

    6. Classified
    a. Display classified $12.00 /col. in.
    b. Classified line ad $5.50 minimum charge (15 words or less, includes Internet) - 25¢ per word after that (each initial or abbreviated word counts as a word).
    c. Minimum ad size 1 col. by 1 1/2 inch

    7. Closing Dates
    a. Copy for the Thursday Public Opinion must be in newspaper office by 4:00 p.m. on the previous Monday.
    b. Copy for the Tuesday Driftless Journal must be in newspaper office by 4 p.m. on the previous Thursday.

    8. We accept color advertising
    a. $25-$100 charge for process color (4 color CMYK) depending on size.

    9. Mechanical Requirements
    a. Public Opinion width of page (5 columns) 10.25 inches
    b. Driftless Journal width of page (5 columns) 10.25 inches
    c. Public Opinion depth of page 15 inches
    d. Driftless Journal depth of page 15 inches
    e. Column widths:
    1 column: 1.9 inches
    2 columns: 4 inches
    3 columns: 6 inches
    4 columns: 8.16 inches
    5 columns: 10.25 inches

    f. Width of each gutter: 1/8 inch
    g. Public Opinion total column inches per page: 75
    h. Driftless Journal total column inches per page: 75
    i. Offset publication

    10. Circulation Information
    a. Public Opinion 4,000
    b. Driftless Journal 20,000
    c. Website over 70,000 visits per month

    11. We accept advertising electronically
    a. Send to: ude@decorahnewspapers.com

    Per Piece
    Single Sheet 7.00¢
    4-8 pages 7.25¢
    12 pages 7.50¢
    16 pages 7.75¢
    20 pages 8.00¢
    24 pages 8.25¢
    28 pages 8.50¢
    32 pages 8.75¢
    Inserts must be quarterfolded or an additional 2¢ per piece charge will be applied. Minimum quantity: 2,500