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The Decorah Education Association (DEA) has proposed a 5.49-percent total package increase to the District’s master contract.

Last week, the DEA and Decorah School District started contract negotiations for the 2014-2015 school year. 

At a special meeting last week, the DEA submitted its initial offer to the District, which includes a $1,120 increase to the base salary. There was no increase requested in the health insurance, but the proposed package would maintain a single, $1,000 deductible insurance plan as in previous years.

The proposal would amount to an increase of $501,430, increasing the cost to the District from approximately $9.13 million to $9.63 million. 

In addition, the DEA is proposing some slight language changes to the continuation portion of the health insurance portion of the contract. 

The District was expected to present its initial counteroffer at a special meeting Monday, March 10. 

"We've always had good, open communication during our negotiations process and look forward to the same this year.  This is simply an opening position and we will continue the process from this point on," said Superintendent Mike Haluska.