As the flu continues to affect the area, calls to Gundersen clinics and Telephone Nurse Advisor with patients concerned that they may have the flu have greatly increased.
As a resource for patients, the Gundersen Influenza Information Line 608-775-0364 is now available. Here, patients can listen to recordings on influenza information and get answers without having to call their healthcare provider’s office.
“The Flu Line is a resource that may be used to field some frequently asked questions related to the current influenza epidemic,” said Vickie Hovell, RN, clinical manager, Gundersen telephone nurse advisor. “Patients directed to the Flu Line will be able to navigate through helpful information related to symptoms, immunization, dehydration, treatment and testing. The Flu Line also addresses commonly asked questions related to the stomach flu.”
Callers can press zero at any time during the recording to speak to their Gundersen healthcare provider’s office or the Gundersen Telephone Nurse Advisor. The nurse advisors will help patients determine if they can care for their illness at home, or if they should be seen by a healthcare professional. The nurse advisors can be reached at 608-775-4454 or 800-858-1050.
Gundersen has also set up a web page,, which is a source of information on influenza.