EIGHTY YEARS AGO: The season of "colds" is upon us and the state health commissioner urges the following precaution: "You scantily-dressed ladies who complain of the cold temperatures in the house - don't turn up the heat too far - you should just put on more clothing! All that fresh air is good for you!"

...Dr. Edward F. Hagen has recently moved to Decorah to join the practice with Dr. Svebakken. Dr. Hagen is not an entire stranger to us, as he used to spend his vacation from medical college with Dr. Svebakken. He will be given a cordial welcome to the city, and will no doubt be a valuable partner.

...Hans Rygg, the well-known resident of the third ward, has demonstrated some artistic talent in the building of several passenger and shipping boats. The "miniatures" of the high seas are in the window at the Public Opinion office. He enjoys the hobby in his spare time and his labors prove he is indeed a real artist.

...This news item is making the state and local headlines - the president of the Fort Dodge Telephone Company carried on an actual conversation with a group of relatives assembled in Oslo, Norway, over the telephone lines last week. It was the first time in history that the office had used the telephone for a conversation with distant Norway. The rate for the three-minute conversation - $58.50!

...The grand Elks Charity Ball will be held at Haugen's Hall next week. The tickets are $1. Music is by the Red Hat Serenaders.

...A 97-year-old Decorah woman cast her vote recently for President Herbert Hoover! She is Mrs. George Donaldson, and she is one of Decorah's pioneer mothers, having been a resident here since 1876. She is enjoying good health and is in possession of all her mental faculties, considering the fact she is nearing the century mark. She is up and about the house every day and busies herself with her sewing - without the aid of glasses!

...Wm. P. Fisher of this city, who has been a traveling salesman for 17 year, has opened a new hardware specialty store here in the building currently occupied by Thurst Kjome Music Store. Mr. Kjome is moving his business to the Fred Amundsen building, formerly occupied by the Rima Café and just east of the Decorah State Bank.

...Floyd Bean is opening a new barbershop on Washington Street in the building formerly occupied by Iver Ringdahl's meat market.

...A man has been fined $10 for beating up on his wife. That's 10 cents for each blow he struck his wife. He claims his wife had accused him falsely of misconduct, so he hit her 100 times with a cartridge belt.

SEVENTY YEARS AGO: The Decorah High School football team has earned NE Iowa Conference Football Championship honors. The boys scored 139 points to 19 for their opponents in conference play this year. They were given a turkey dinner by Mayor George A. Bear at the Green Parrot Tea Room. The coaches and the boys made away with vast quantities of roast turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, giblet gravy and all the trimmings!

...The Rural Electrification Act (REA) program is advancing to eight townships. County farmers in those townships are working hard on ways to enjoy the benefits of electric power through lines they expect to have built within the next few months.

...FRONT PAGE NEWS - A shipment of the nickels just minted at the Denver and Philadelphia mints has been received at the Decorah State Bank. The nickels have a picture of Thomas Jefferson on one side and of his famous home, Monticello, on the other.

...Now showing at The Lyric Theatre - "Boys Town" starring Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney.

...Iowa's new governor - George A. Wilson, is called "a real family man" by his followers. The 54-year-old has four children and when not at his office or campaigning, his attention is totally devoted to his family.

...Send flowers this Thanksgiving! Dozen roses - $2; or assorted fall bouquet - $1.25. Shop Decorah Greenhouse.

...Seven from here have gotten citizenship papers. Naturalization proceedings have concluded for these new full-fledged citizens: August Christ Bergman of Bluffton; Mrs. Edith Bergman of Bluffton; Nick Mallas of Ridgeway; Mrs. Dina Katherine Omdahl of Decorah; John Drabek of Fort Atkinson; Mrs. Mary Murdock of Bluffton; and John Kafka of Calmar. The local American Legion Auxiliary presented flags to each of the new citizens.

SIXTY YEARS AGO: The brand new Mode O'Day Frock Shop will open here this month.

...George Peck, a Springfield Township farmer, is the 1948 Winneshiek County "Contour Corn King."

...The Decorah High School Basketball team started practice last week, under the direction of Coach Jerry Isenberger. Lost to graduation last year were: Clair Kjome, forward; Parnell Rude, forward; and Erling Rikansrud. Returning lettermen are Dave Leikvold, Hamlet Peterson, Herb Finck, Richard Jagerson and Paul Dresselhaus.

...Robert Kruckman is a new partner in Taylor's Hardware Store in Decorah.

...FRONT PAGE NEWS: Mrs. J.J. Blodgett of Pleasant Hill Drive in Decorah suffered a severe burn to her hand and a shock the other morning while hanging clothes at her home. As she attempted to pull a light cord from a floor socket, her hand came into contact with exposed wires. She is feeling much better today.

...Now showing at the Grand Theatre - "Emperor Waltz" starring Bing Crosby and Joan Fontaine.

...Wilson Meat Packing Company is hiring male workers. Starting wage is $1.15 per hour at the modern meat processing plant.

...Parking meters in Decorah have yielded $7,682 in the last six months.

...The Calmar High School cagers have opened practice with 20 players on the roster. Coach is Hillard Torgerson. Returning lettermen are Randal Russett, Carlton Meyer, Donald Hanson, Francis Luzum.

...A purse-snatcher has hit Decorah. Mrs. Henry McCauley was a victim at the intersection of Main and Day Streets while walking home from a downtown shopping trip. She said a large man appeared, snatched her purse and fled south on Day Street. She chased him in an effort to regain her possessions, but was unable to overtake him. She reports missing about $15 in cash and several other valuables.

...Perry Olson of Highland Township has broken both his legs in a fall from his porch while putting on the storm windows. He is still a patient at the Decorah hospital, according to his physician, D.L.C. Kuhn.

FIFTY YEARS AGO: The 4-H clubs will be holding the annual mother-daughter tea later this month at the Community Building. Barbara Gjevre of the Washington Prairie Peppers will lead the singing. A tap dancing routine will be by Carol Hayes, Margie Johnson, Gail Johnson and Kathy Daskam of the Fremont Junior Homemakers. Nancy Newhouse will be installed as the new county 4-H president. Other new officers are Elaine Wemark, vice president; Joyce Stevens, secretary; and Karen Baker, historian.

...The new Color Cepter Gold Antenna is just the thing for your modern television set. This is an all-channel hi-gain antenna. Don't be confused by the cheap variety.

...The Norwegian American Museum's altarpiece will be featured in the December issue of "Together" magazine, the Methodist magazine for families.

...Dean Hagen is the new accountant at A.R. Hayes and Company here.

...The modern architectural drawing for the proposed new Decorah Lutheran Church has been unveiled. It may be completed as early as 1960. Cost for the job - $500,000. The contemporary design is distinguished by a steeple tower. The majestic tower measures about 115 feet high to the top of the cross. The tower will be an open structure of steel with colored rectangular pieces. A large stage is planned at one end of the ground floor social hall, which will seat up to 370 people for dining.

...Mary Green of Castalia, age 17, will attend the national 4-H Club Congress in Chicago this month as the winner of the state frozen foods award.

...Ossian's Fred Figge recently celebrated his 70th year in the banking business.

FORTY YEARS AGO: Joyce Abbott has been chosen to reign over the third annual homecoming at North Winneshiek this week She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ward Abbott of Spring Grove, Minn. Runner-up was Diane Vang, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vang of Mabel, Minn. Other queen candidates were Susie Barth, Shirley Cline and Marlene Hovey. Clarian Richert was the junior class attendant and Karen Sacquitne was the sophomore attendant. Freshman attendant was Linda Richert. The coach staff elected five senior athletes as escorts: Steve Arneson, Darryl Gullickson, Dean Nierling Mark Quandahl and Kavin Swenson. Roger Bentley was special escort to the queen and the master of ceremonies. Sword bearers were Dave Parker, Tom Sexton, Bill Leonhart, Wayne Christopherson, John McCabe, Randy Patterson, Daryl Knoke, John Malanaphy, Larry Wilson, Steve Emery, Mike Holthaus and Fred Marlow.

...Snow removal for Iowa's primary highways last year cost the Iowa State High Commission some $4 million with more than 1,800 maintenance employees attacking the snow each winter. Preparation for this winter's snow removal has already started.

...FOR SALE - Two-bedroom home in Decorah. Priced at $6,500.

...Airman David Morstad, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Morstad of Decorah, has completed basic training at Lackland AFB, Texas.

...Bill Varner and Bruce Brandenburg have earned All-State football honors.

...Starters on the DHS Viking basketball squad as they open play against the Calmar team are: Ron Haugen, Craig Anderson, Ron Henely, Rusty Sproatt and Tom Rima. Coach is Clyde Kramer.

...Miss Iowa Susan Alane Thompson will participate in the upcoming Miss Decorah Pageant Nov. 23, 1968.

...Two new officers have been named to the Decorah Police Force: Robert Ward, 22, and Thomas O'Brien, 25.

...Make a long distance call on the weekends - 85 cents for three minutes or less!

...Postal rates have gone into effect this week - first class mail is 6 cents per ounce, while third-class mail is 6 cents for the first two ounces.

...Decorah has new curfew laws to rule local teenagers. The new curfew went into effect Nov. 21, 1968. "Time to be Home" hours are 10 p.m. on weekdays and midnight on the weekends. Violators out on the streets will be taken to the police station and their parents will be summoned by phone to come and pick them up.

...Need new tires for the winter months? Shop Big Bear - two tires for $18.98.

...At the recent Halloween Costume Parade in Decorah - Craig Chyle won the most comical category in the (age 10 and under division). Other honorees in the parade were Jeff Brynsaas, Susan Brynsaas, Karen Hacker and Brandon Schmitt. The winners won $1 each!

...The Luther Speech and Theatre Department is offering a class in creative dramatics for kids ages 8-12. Cost is $5 for six Saturday morning sessions.

...An area well-known to many Decorah residents in Lansing was racked by a huge explosion and fire the other day when a freight train struck a loaded fuel oil transport truck near a sawmill and entrance to the S&S Marina. Several nearby homes, the bulk plant and sawmill were threatened.

THIRTY YEARS AGO: Weis Buick came to the rescue recently, after the Iowa Highway Patrol recommended that the Vesterheim Museum's ancient truck be pulled off the road. Weis Buick promptly donated a 1972 Ford pickup truck. The truck is now proudly situated in front of the museum building. Vesterheim's gratitude for the donation is quelled only by the Iowa Highway Patrol's relief!

...Winneshiek County Memorial Hospital has selected a new administrator - James. E. Pede of Mt. Carmell, Ill. He will begin duties this week. He succeeds Robert Lembcke.

...The Decorah Vikings fell to Marion in the state football playoffs - 20-7.

...Gas prices are on the rise 60 cents per gallon for regular and 63 cents per gallon for unleaded gas.

...The popular ski swap in Decorah is being held this weekend with the Decorah Ski Patrol in charge.

...Students from St. Benedict's School who entertained the other day at the Aase Haugen Home were Lori Lynch, Jill Jensen, Jennifer Greene, Rob Ives, T.J. Paskach, Sheri White and Karin Kuehner. Each played a different instrumental solo for the residents.

...Randeen Torvik, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Torvik of Decorah, is now working for 3M Company in Minneapolis. She graduated from DHS and earned a degree in French from Luther College. Her hobbies are piano playing, swimming, tennis and golf.

...Lon Oljeniczak, Bill Broghammer, John Zidlicky, and Dave Akre all earned All-State Football honors this year. Other county honorees were Mark Johnson, Loren Gerleman and Ron Moellers.

...Panos Farm Supplies and Construction in Protivin will soon have a grand opening.

TWENTY YEARS AGO: The Decorah Vikings have earned their third straight state football title with a victory over Harlan 21-16!

...Cristy Benzing is the lovely new 1989 Saddle Club Queen. She was crowned by last year's honoree, Kathy Jacobson. The new queen is currently at student at UNI in Cedar Falls. Sandy Batzler is the 1989 alternate queen.

...After receiving a double-whammy concerning street maintenance last week, Decorah City Councilmen considered floating a bond issue to help pay for repairs. It was just last week that county voters soundly defeated a proposed sales tax hike, which would have sharply increased the amount of money to be put into the city budget for the repairs.

...It might not be too long before Decorah creates a four-year high school and auditorium. Architects have been hired to create a proposal for the expansion. A citizen's advisory board has recommended the development of a four-year curriculum. Currently, the ninth grade is considered part of the junior high.

...The area's Most Valuable Fall Athletes have been announced - Honorees are Heidi Schmitt, a Turkey Valley volleyball player; and Jason Olejniczak, a Decorah Viking football player.

TEN YEARS AGO: The Decorah swim team recently held the first home meet in school history at the Luther College pool. Alex Cook won the 200 individual medley and Katherine Reifenrath was runner-up in the 500 freestyle.

...The Decorah Middle School and East Side School have both gained listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The National Register is the official list of the nation's most cultural resources considered worthy of preservation, according to David Anderson, who nominated the structures.

...The Decorah Viking football team scored a 14-9 playoff victory over Maquoketa at the UNI Dome, and followed with a 53-7 win over Crestwood to play for the title Nov. 11 against Grinnell at the UNI Dome.

...A hurricane-like storm last week left many area farmers without electricity for several days. Winds up to 70-miles-per-hour knocked one local barn from its foundation near North Winneshiek School.

...Decorah Covenant Church is forming in Decorah. An open house is planned at Happy Joe's Pizza Parlor. Drop by and meet Pastor Mike.