Females have burst onto the scene in week six of the Pigskin Picks football contest as women went 1-2 in this week's results.

The winner is Lisa Bacon of Decorah. Bacon missed just two games and correctly guessed the tiebreaker of 55.

Second place went to Vernelle Weis of Decorah, who missed two games and was three points from the tiebreaker. Dale B. Olson of Decorah took third by missing two games and was eight from the tiebreaker.

Also missing two games were Darrin Cline of Decorah and John Fulsaas of Decorah.

Kansas State scored the most points this week with 55. Also guessing 55 correctly were Kyle Christen of Cedar Rapids and Merlin Tangen of Decorah.

Most commonly missed games were Iowa falling to Penn State, North Fayette defeating Sumner-Fredericksburg, UNI over South Dakota State and Kansas State defeating West Virginia.