Chris Brincks
Chris Brincks
South Winn junior Chris Brincks (195) has secured a medal in the Class 1A state wrestling tournament.

Brincks won his second round consolation bracket Friday morning to secure his spot on the medal stand. He can finish anywhere from third to eighth. His next match is Friday afternoon.

SW's Colton Hageman (170) and Turkey Valley's Luke Kuennen (220) both lost their matches.


Wrestling Luke Kramer (39-10) of Maquoketa Valley, Brincks (26-2) took control. He got a take down in the first. Kramer tied the match in the second, but Brincks went ahead with an escape. Brincks got another escape in the third and scored two more take downs to win 10-4. He will face Clay Meinders (37-8) of AGWSR in the next round.


Wrestling Zach Hoyle (35-9) of Alburnett, Hageman fell behind 0-5 in the first. He came back to make it 1-7 in the secon on a reversal. Hageman scored a take down but was reversed to make it 3-9 heading into the third. Despite two take downs, Hageman couldn't come back, falling 7-11. He ends the year 28-7.


In his only match of the day, Kuennen faced Vinnie Harvey (42-1) of St. Edmond. Kuennen took an early take down, but was reversed to make it 2-2 after one. He was reversed again in the second to fall behind. Trailing 3-6 in the third, Kuennen made it a two-point match before being taken down. He lost 10-5. Kuennen finished the year 37-3.