It’s not a new sport, just new to Decorah — Granny Basketball that is. The LC Decorah Troll Trotters joined the Granny Basketball League in 2018.
   The Decorah Troll Trotters will host a competition versus the Lansing Great Dames at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, March 17, at the Luther College Regent’s Center.
   There will be a second game at 11:30 between the Lansing Great Dames and LaCrosse Does, before a free will donation lunch break served by Decorah Community Meal volunteers. The day’s events will wrap up with a contest between the LC Decorah Troll Trotters and LaCrosse Does at 1:15 p.m.
   The Granny Basketball League was created in 2005 to provide fun, competitive exercise for women age 50 and older as an avenue for charitable giving while providing wholesome, nostalgic and sometimes humorous entertainment, while preserving six-on-six basketball.
   Each Granny team selects a charity or non-profit cause to which they give gate receipts. The players, referees and scorekeepers are volunteers and do not receive compensation for their time or expenses.
   Not familiar with Granny Basketball? Here are a few rules:
   • A team consists of 5-6 women age 50 or older (2 guards, 2 forwards and 1-2 centers)
  • Players must wear 1920’s style uniforms (bloomers, middy blouses and knee-high stockings). No bare legs or upper arms may be revealed. Infractions constitute a technical foul.
  • The court is divided into three courts and a player may not move out of her designated area.
  • Two dribbles are allowed per possession per player.
  • No running or jumping, though players may “hurry.”
  • No physical contact – infractions constitute a foul. Players are disqualified after three fouls.
  • Three points are scored if a shot is underhanded. Two points are scored for other shots. One point is scored for free throws.