For the second week in a row, Ron Taylor was the winner in the weekly pigskin picks contest.

Taylor, along with three other entries, had just four incorrect games. However, Taylor was closest to the tie breaker.

The tie breaker score went to Denver, putting up 69 on MFL.

Taylor, of Decorah, guessed 61 for the tie breaker.

Second place went to Waukon's Phil Norton, guessing 11 correctly and picking 57 for the tie breaker. Cresco's Jan Kreitzer took third place with a tie breaker guess of 52.

Scott Zafft of Decorah also missed four games but was the farthest from the tie breaker. The closest tie breaker guess went to Dave Lensch with a guess of 67.

The most commonly missed games were Central Michigan sinking Iowa on a field goal, New Orleans losing in overtime to Kansas City, Oklahoma falling to Kansas State, South Winn shocking Saint Ansgar, Green Bay falling at Seattle and Youngstown State downing UNI.