Annika Vande Krol
Annika Vande Krol
With a goal of learning more about a former Luther College professor and artist, Annika Vande Krol, Luther College junior from Decorah, has been selected to research Herbjørn Gausta paintings for her summer research project at the college.

Vande Krol, the daughter of Scott and Kris Vande Krol, of Decorah, is a 2015 graduate of Decorah High School. She is majoring in Nordic studies at Luther, with a minor in museum studies.

Vande Krol is working with Kate Elliott, Luther associate professor of art history, on her project “Establishing the Ouevre of an Itinerate Artist: Locating, Identifying, and Analyzing the Painted Works of Herbjørn Gausta.”

“Dr. Kate and I believe it is important to have proper documentation of every Gausta painting,” Vande Krol said. “Eventually, when we find a big chunk of the paintings, we will be able to discover more about Gausta himself. Gausta had a very close relationship with Luther College and the surrounding area of the Decorah community. It is always important to know the history of our institution, and Gausta is a part of it.”

While many of Gausta's works are located on campus and at Vesterheim Museum, Vande Krol is working to pinpoint where more paintings are located, both in the United States and globally. She has been contacting individuals to gain more insight on where other works are as well as more information on Gausta himself. Vande Krol's research will be used by Elliott as she creates a catalogue raisonné, a descriptive catalogue of art work, of Gausta's work.

The group's collaboration is one of 26 summer student-faculty research projects funded through Luther's College Scholars Program and Dean's Office. The Student-Faculty Summer Research projects provide students an opportunity to research topics of interest alongside Luther faculty. This program is one of a wide selection of experiential learning opportunities at Luther intended to deepen the learning process and that are part of Luther's academic core.

The results of the project will be presented at Luther's Student Research Symposium in 2018.