A request by the Federal Aviation Administration will cost Decorah a little less, thanks to some help from the Iowa Department of Transportation.

At Monday's meeting of the Decorah City Council, City Manager Chad Bird said the FAA put the Decorah Airport Commission on notice two years ago regarding some obstructions near the airport. The obstructions refer to a stand of trees located on land near the airport owned by Olsgard Auto Sales and Hawkeye Truck and Trailer.

"The FAA has asked that those height interferences be eliminated. The Airport Commission worked with the DOT to receive 70/30 matching grants," said Bird of the project, adding the Commission will only be responsible for $1,500 of the $5,000 project.

"We're working with City Forester Drew Stevenson. Both property owners are in consent and have given written verification," said Bird.

"We've pledged to make the area as nice as we can so as not to ruin the landscape. We may end up planting some low bushes."

Street Dept. referral

The Council also heard from Lindsay Sheridan, co-organizer of the Water Street Music Series.

Sheridan asked the Council for permission to close Water St. near Norm Smith Park for an event Saturday, May 11.

Council Member Gary Rustad, who chairs the Council's street committee, said a similar request was made about a year ago, and there were many reservations about it.

"I think any requests to close any streets should go before the Street Committee," said Rustad.

"We're just looking to close the season with a fun, festive outdoor event on Water St. We talked to the Oneota Coop and Your Place and they're both excited about it," said Sheridan.

Sheridan was asked why the alternate date (Friday, May 10) actually preceded the requested date, and she replied organizers are just trying to give the Council options.

"I think Saturday night is better," said Wanless, who owns a business downtown.

Rustad scheduled a street committee meeting for Monday, March 18, to discuss the matter.

"We're going to ask you if you've talked to businesses and if you have insurance," said Council Member Rachel Vagts.