“What’s Your Spark?” is a series of free, weekly hands-on activity and reading programs for anyone age 10 and older, including curious adults.  
Running through Aug. 4, the series focus is on things to make, do and learn about that “spark” ideas and creative self expression; develop useful skills and build connections with others (human and non-human).  
Participants can choose from programs like Tinder and Poof: Matchless Fire Starting; Fuzz, Suds and Floop: Felting Handmade Soap and Other Things; Make Your Own Rocket Camp Stove;   Fold and Schway: Zentangle  and Origami; Newspaper Blackout Poetry; Food Culturing:  Making Veggie Ferments with Bubbling Beneficial Bugs and more.  
The programs are planned for Monday and occasionally Thursday afternoons, and some will require signing up ahead of time. 
A full listing and descriptions are available at decorah.lib.ua.us.
Two film showings also are planned featuring recent acquisitions to the library’s collection through the William F. Baker Fund.  Both explore the mystery, magic and allure of our connection to other creatures.  “The Whale,” scheduled for Wednesday, June 18, tells the story of a young orca whale who loses contact with his family “pod” on the coast of British Columbia and then persistently seeks connection with the people of Nootka Sound. 
“Touching the Wild,” scheduled for Wednesday, July 16, is a PBS film that tells the story of naturalist Joe Hutto’s extraordinary experience living with and studying a herd of wild mule deer in Wyoming.