David Wadsworth of rural Decorah is the recipient of the Decorah Historic Preservation Commission’s 2014 Annual Award for Work in Historic Preservation.
Wadsworth, who owns Wadsworth Construction (wadsworthconstruction.com), has taken window restoration courses at Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies, in Mt. Carroll, Ill. The Center offers a variety of courses centered around preservation of assets and artifacts.
Since then, he has worked and lectured about window restoration throughout Iowa and surrounding states. Wadsworth and his crew restored the windows on the upper floors of T-Bock's and other buildings in the Decorah area.
The annual award recognizes special work and education in historic preservation, including, but not limited to the dissemination of information about the cultural and economic importance of preserving historic structures, research on historical structures and the active maintenance and preservation of Decorah's historic buildings. Previous recipients of the award include; Dr. Kevin Sand, Dan Sand, Helen Basler, Deborah Bishop and Mike and Dominique Bockman.
There will be a brief presentation ceremony to acknowledge Wadsworth and display of his work Wednesday, Aug. 13, beginning at 7 p.m. on the Second Floor of T-Bock's. The public is invited to attend.
For more information, contact City Hall, 563-382-3651 or the Decorah Historic Preservation Commission.