Decorah Power, a non-profit, citizens group focusing on future energy options for Decorah, recently hired NewGen Strategies and Solutions, LLC (NewGen) to develop a preliminary municipal electric utility (MEU) feasibility study for the city.
Decorah Power brought the idea of investigating a MEU to the Decorah City Council in March. The Council voted unanimously to approve Decorah Power conducting the feasibility study if it could do so with privately raised funds. The Council appointed Council member Steve Luse as liaison to Decorah Power during the process.
The purpose of the study is to determine the opportunities and potential challenges of creating a MEU to serve the people and businesses in Decorah. NewGen is partnering with Dave Berg, of Dave Berg Consulting, LLC, and Tom Ghidossi of Exponential Engineering Company.
“We are very excited about this opportunity to assist Decorah Power with this project,” Berg said. “It will be critical for this study to independently review the issues and concerns regarding the formation of a new utility so that the citizens of Decorah can determine their electric future.”
NewGen’s Scott Burnham added, “We look forward to working with Decorah citizens, businesses and civic leaders on this important study.”
Berg will serve as the project manager for the study and has over 30 years of experience in electric utility economic matters. Berg works with NewGen on a regular basis to serve utility clients in the Midwest, California and Texas.
Ghidossi, president of Exponential Engineering Company, will provide technical expertise regarding power delivery to the potential MEU. Burnham is leading the effort for NewGen and has over 19 years of experience with municipal utilities.
About the Firms
NewGen Strategies and Solutions, LLC is a management and consulting firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas that specializes in providing economic, strategic and stakeholder services to public and private sector utilities. The firm has been involved with many aspects of municipalization efforts for various communities across the country.
Dave Berg Consulting, LLC, of Minneapolis, Minn., is a single person entity that specializes in financial services to utilities, particularly rate related services. Berg formed the firm after spending 28 years working for large consulting firms, including R.W. Beck, Inc./SAIC.
Exponential Engineering Company of Fort Collins, Colo. provides technical expertise regarding power delivery. Since 1993, the firm has provided full-service power engineering consulting in the Rocky Mountain region and throughout the country, offering a complete suite of consulting services for clients across all 50 states, applying extensive experience and expertise to the unique challenges of each project.