Dear Editor:

Rick Fromm’s recent editorial (March 21), to use a baseball analogy, hit it out of the park. I had the same thoughts as I read about the city looking to hire a search firm to analyze the best way to hire a new police chief. 

Why is this necessary, isn’t that why we elect city council members and hire city administrators, dare I say at a large expense to the taxpayers, to make these decisions? If you don’t want to make those tough decisions, don’t apply for the job. The money spent to hire a search firm, in my opinion, would be a total waste of taxpayer dollars.

We have a man currently serving as the assistant chief of police that, as Rick pointed out, is exceedingly qualified to take over as the chief of police. That person is Dave Smutzler. Why do we want to look outside the city of Decorah? 

We have a man who has dedicated his life to serving the citizens of Decorah for 28 years, starting as a police officer and working his way up the ranks to his current position of assistant chief of police. He has the knowledge, training and experience to lead this quality city organization into the future. 

He and his wife and children are fully invested in the community and this is their home. Why would we want to bring in someone from outside Decorah that is not committed and could decide in a couple of years this community is not for them? 

I got to know Dave and his family shortly after he started with the police department. I have seen a man who loves his job as a law enforcement officer as well as loves the city of Decorah.

We need to do the right thing as a community. To quote one of my favorite movies, as Rafiki said to Simba as he was about to climb Pride Rock and assume his rightful place “It is time.”

Kirsten Olson