Even though the North Winneshiek School will not be used as a daily attendance center next year, officials are considering other possible uses.
At Monday’s meeting of the Interim School Board, the Board discussed the future of the North Winneshiek facility after the Decorah and North Winneshiek districts consolidate July 1.
The Board visited with District Building and Grounds Director Greg Schaller, who said the building will need to be heated in order to keep it in good condition.
In addition, all locks will be changed on the school and a keyless entry system will be installed.
Also installed will be a septic system, as the property’s drainage lagoon no longer meets Department of Natural Resource standards.
Schaller explained prior to the next school year, teachers from the new combined District will have access to some of the school contents for their own classrooms. At some point, the District will hold an auction, which could contain a combination of North Winneshiek and Decorah items no longer desired.

What’s next?
Possible uses for the facility would include the Home School Assistance Program, currently located at Carrie Lee Elementary.
Discussion also centered around the District being able to use the gym space and softball field if necessary.
According to Board Member Ben Lange, North Winn Superintendent Tim Dugger has been approached by several community groups who may be interested in purchasing or renting the building.
The Board encouraged Lange to visit with Dugger to find out more about those who may be interested, so officials can consider these as options going forward.