The budget for the consolidated Decorah and North Winneshiek school district has been set for the next fiscal year.
During a public hearing, which drew no written or oral comments, the Decorah/North Winneshiek Interim Board approved the school budget for the districts that are consolidating July 1.
For Decorah School District residents, taxes will decrease from $13.83 per $1,000 of taxable valuation to $12.55. North Winneshiek residents will see an increase from $9.74 to $11.80. North Winneshiek currently has no debt service levy and no physical plant and equipment levy that Decorah already has in place.
As part of the reorganization agreement, North Winneshiek, the smaller district, will get a tax break for the first three years of the consolidation, according to Decorah Superintendent Mike Haluska. The Decorah district also is receiving a smaller tax break because of the consolidation. After the three-year period, all residents of the combined district will pay the same property tax rate.
The combined district real estate is presently valued at $823,401,085: Decorah’s portion is $661,654,185 and North Winneshiek’s property is valued at $161,746,900.