Tom Hansen of rural Decorah has announced he is a Republican candidate for Iowa’s First Congressional District, currently held by Democrat Abby Finkenauer.
Finkenauer is serving her first, two-year term after defeating Republican Incumbent Rod Blum in the 2018 general election. Hansen owns his own business, Hansen Refrigeration.
Hansen announced he is a candidate with the following statement:
“There are currently two opposing politically ideologies vying for control of America and its citizens. The first group believes government is our master and needs to be involved in every aspect of our lives. They believe America is the root of all the world’s problems and must be fundamentally altered to correct them; that its citizens are too biased, intolerant and ignorant to control their own destinies or affect the changes necessary to make Her better; and that they are superior to all that have come before them and all that currently disagree with them. The Germans have a name for this, Ubermenshcen. Remember this, because like Reagan’s ‘evil empire,’ you are going to hear it often. Their tactics to achieve their goals are using emotionally based arguments to generate fear and create the division necessary to garner power for themselves.
“The other group, of which I consider myself to be a member, believe government is our servant and while there are certainly jobs which constitutionally they are authorized and need to do, for the most part we can adeptly care for both ourselves and our fellow human beings. We believe America is exceptional and has constantly strove to foster the Ideals of Justice, Liberty and Equality that are its foundational principles; that its citizens are good-hearted, hardworking and compassionate and that throughout history our citizens have made extraordinary sacrifices to accomplish the impossible for the benefit of the entire world; and that given the proper education and opportunity, anyone can climb the social-economic ladder as far as they wish their own fortitude to take them. We keep a constant eye on the future and do things to empower and benefit our posterity.
“I have decided to run for the office of Representative in Iowa’s First Congressional District because, like others in this latter group, I am disturbed by the attempts of the former group to seize more power and, as an avid historian, know fully well where the path leads that the Ubermenschen are trying to lead us down. It is time for all Americans to understand this and along with actual solutions to the problems and adversities facing us, will be part of my campaign,” Hansen concluded.