Dear Editor:

It is my belief that it is past time to end our antiquated caucus process. In the beginnings when fewer people were involved and we met in homes, the process seemed to work relatively well but as more people are attending the process it has become unwieldy to point of confusion and prone to error.

Does it make any sense to be counting attenders and candidate supporters by hand in this day 
of technology? Our precinct caucus was attended by 231 people and other precincts experienced much higher numbers. Our precinct chairwoman did an admirable job of organizing the process and minimizing the confusion, but the counting and recounting plus the delegate
selecting formula all contributes to a Murphy’s Law situation.  

A primary that uses a balloting voting method would be much more efficient especially with cybersecurity. I realize the reasons Iowans want to be first in the nation in the presidential candidate selection, but how can we justify candidates campaigning for a year before caucus time?  

This results in the candidates having only a few weeks or much less to campaign in the states that have later primaries.

Marvin M. Cooper