ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO: This city’s mill known to many as the Tavenir Mill on the West Side has been overhauled, remodeled and is now in first class shape to do your flour and feed grinding. New machinery has been installed too. We have a first-class miller and guarantee to grind your flour and feed in a first-class manner, whether one sack or a hundred. Signed, J.H. Rosendahl, Proprietor. 

…The son of O.A.P. Haugen of Canoe Township – his name is Alwin Haugen – is at home nursing a broken wrist since the other morning when he was cranking up the Ford in preparation of coming to town. Those Fords sure have the humble mule backed off the boards when t comes to kicking! 

...There are some fine specials for the week over at the East End Grocery: Canned corn, 15 cents; Wooden Shoe Coffee, 48 cents per pound; matches, 5 cents per box; fresh pears for canning, $2.90 per bushel; and good Home Brand Oats, 30 cents per box. Telephone orders are now getting prompt attention in this region.

...The Big Farm Bureau Picnic was a big hit on Labor Day at the Decorah Park. It was grand, with much music and a perfect address for all to hear. The coffee was furnished for the crowd, and everybody that went from this way said it was the best coffee they ever had. 

...There will be a big meeting of the League of Women Voters here next week at the courthouse. Attorney Frank Sayre will speak on “Registration and How to Mark Your Ballot.” Every woman voter is requested to attend. 

…Mrs. Florence Vick of Decorah enjoys the distinction of having won the State Spelling Bee in Des Moines. She arrived home last Friday. The contest occupied seven hours, which is unusually long, allowing that the main contestants were very evenly matched. There were 32 contestants. Miss Vick received a whopping $20 for her efforts.

…School teachers across the state are up in arms against high rooming conditions. Some school teachers are paying as high as $45 per month for a room, that ordinarily would rent for about $15.

…The baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. L. Becker of Ossian broker her thigh one evening last week. Her sister Helen was carrying her, and fell, resulting in the accident.

…During the month of August there were 47 births registered at the Winneshiek County Clerk’s office. There were 25 boys and 22 girls, which is a good proportion. Among the area births were: A boy named Frederick Johnson Rosenthal, Aug. 20, to Mr. and Mrs. Constance H. Rosenthal; and a girl, Gladys Iverna, born Aug. 27 to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald B. Moen of Decorah.


NINETY YEARS AGO: H.B. Montgomery has taken it upon himself to decide upon a method to provide a swimming pool for Decorah and carry it through to successful completion A pool to accommodate two thousand people at one time with proper sanitation equipment could cost up to $20,000. His plan is to have the pool brilliantly lighted so that it may be used both night and day for bathing. He expects that it can be used as a skating pond in the winter months. He is wished well in his plans.

...Highway No. 9 in this area is to be paved all the way to Lansing in the next year. 

...That man from over at Cresco who killed his wife earlier this summer has taken his own life at the county jail. 

...There are still 10 veterans of the Civil War living in Winneshiek County, including: A.T. Branhagen of Decorah; Christian Wolfe, Festina; M.T. Grattan, Decorah; Newell Everetts, Hesper; W.C. Fifield, Fremont; Geo. W. Sherman, Frankville; Chris Johnson, Calmar; A.O. Ash, Bluffton; Knute Grindeland, Highland; and Ausie Seveson, Canoe. 

...The Family Store is Decorah’s newest business enterprise. It will open here Sept. 20, 1930. Mr. S.J. Cinnamon is the owner/manager. The store is located in a brick building on East Water Street, known as the M.A. Harmon Building. 

...Here’s an amazing offer – Every suit for men is priced at $19.75 at Ben Bears. Each suit has two trousers!